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Most TV shows have their own hangout they gather in each episode, but where were their actual hangout spot? Take a look below at 10 places characters hung out at for fun.

1. Rachel’s Place – “Family Matters”

Once Rachel bought her restaurant she employed her family, and it became the ultimate hangout.

2. The Max – “Saved by the Bell”

The Max was the best place Baysiders could get some burgers and

3. Nipsey’s – “Martin”

So much foolishness was had at Nipsey’s, and we’re sure the wings they always had were good too.

4. Central Perk – “Friends”

Central Perk had the best coffee the gang didn’t drink.

5. Diner – “Sex and the City”

The best gossip and brunches went down at this unnamed NYC diner.

6. Mork’s – “Seinfeld”


It was the diner before “Sex and the City’s diner became THE diner, and the recants from the previous night’s events were always hilarious shared over coffee.

7. Peach Pit – “Beverly Hills 90210″

Anytime the kids needed some advice — you know, since their parents were rarely around — they always went to the Peach Pit to see Nat.

8. The Peacock – “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”

Once Will and Carlton made it to college, and Carlton became manager of the Peacock, we saw so many things go down there.

9. The Den – “Moesha”

Moesha and the gang always hid from trouble at Andell’s den. And Andell was never short of side eye and sass.

10. Natalie’s – “New York Undercover”

Eddie Torres’ dad had the joint jumping with the hottest artists around. How did he do that?



Article and Pictures 2-11 Courtesy of The Urban Daily

First Picture Courtesy of Hello Beautiful

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