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Marvin  Sapp shared  moving words this morning .

Here is what he posted this morning.

My plane landed in Houston TX 4 years ago today and I received the worst news of my life. 4 years ago today my life changed and for me was not for the better. You transitioned from this life to life eternal and entrusted me with the task of managing all that we had acquired and raising our children and I have done my best with the help of The Lord. I’ve made lots of mistakes along the way. People that you wouldn’t imagine have disappeared. However I’ve kept smiling and in your words, “Kept it Movin” because I understand seasons change and that their connection to me was about you all along and have taught our children to understand that as well and to not be offended. These past 4 years I have been under major attack by the enemy but I maintained my integrity. Recently someone said that I use the fact that I’m a widower as a crutch and that it’s getting old and to be honest it hurt me to my core. But after reflecting on what they said and them not really understanding how we were one in every since of the word, I just let it go…You would have been so proud. I honor you today with our children for the woman you were at all times. Encouraging, loving,forgiving, protecting and never judging. I honor you today because people in our community, city, state and nation to this day come up to me and share how the little time that they may have spent with you impacted them greatly and that you have a legacy that’s still alive even though you aren’t here physically. I honor you today for 20 amazing years (2yrs dating 18yrs of Marriage) of life together not always good but I always knew that you had my back and I had yours, with you I never felt alone and you made me believe that I could accomplish anything…. You were my confidence and being with you has made me a better man. There’s so much more I want to say….. But I close with just saying thank you. The children and I Love and miss you greatly…

Wow.. Marvin has ventured on to do great things. He started an academy and inspires people everyday.  We’ll  keep him in prayers.


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