Bradley Holt (pictured), a caring hero, is now, unfortunately, a dead one.   The 24-year-old Miami man was shot to death for merely asking a reckless driver to slow down because children were playing on the streets according to NBC News 6.

Holt was outside his apartment complex when he spotted a yellow Mustang driving erratically around a group of children who had been playing on the streets.  Holt yelled at the driver of the vehicle to slow down for the sake of the children, whom he had wanted to protect.  Suddenly, one of the vehicle’s occupants fired two shots at Holt.  One of the bullets struck Holt in the back of his head.

According to witnesses, the Mustang had been repeatedly “doing donuts” in the middle of the street which is the act of rotating the rear of the car around the front wheels continuously, thereby creating circular skid marks if done right, and causing lots of tire smoke.

Holt was transported to a nearby hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival to the facility.

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