Tom before I start I want to warn people out there that the subject matter and some of the language you’re about to hear are meant for adult ears only.

Barbara Bowman appeared on my show on CNN on Thursday night and went into detail about how she claims Cosby drugged and sexually assaulted her when she was just 17-years old.

This allegedly happened in the late 1980’s during the height of The Cosby Show.

Last night on CNN another accuser came forward.

Her name is Joan Tarshis.

She’s a writer who says that in the late 1960’s Bill Cosby asked her to go up to his bungalow to work on a comedy sketch.

Tarshis says in order to make him stop she lied to Cosby by telling him she had an infection and that he would probably give it to his wife and then his wife would know.

She says that didn’t stop him and she was made to perform oral sex on him.

She says after that she vowed never to see Cosby again, but she did.

Tarshis says he called her at her parent’s home months later and asked her to accompany him to one of his performances to hear the monologue she wrote for him.

She says she agreed because she didn’t want to raise her parent’s suspicions.

She says Mr. Cosby sent a limousine to pick her up and the evening went well until she says she had a drink with him, felt drugged and had to leave the concert to go back to the limo.

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