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Boston police officer Michael Doherty (pictured) is facing assault, battery, and using a motor vehicle without authority charges for allegedly beating up a Hispanic and Black man during an incident while off-duty, according to the The Boston Globe.

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Doherty reportedly boarded an Uber vehicle, a ride-sharing service, when he instructed the unidentified driver to take him to a specific location. On arrival, the 16-year veteran insisted they had arrived at the wrong address and reportedly yelled, “What? You think I’m stupid, you f*cking sp*c?” After Doherty instructed the driver to continue driving, he then allegedly began assaulting him, allegedly forcing the operator out of the vehicle.

But the alleged assault didn’t stop there.

Doherty then began chasing the driver around the vehicle.  In a fit of despair, the driver reportedly flagged down an African-American motorist for help. When the man who stopped to offer some assistance tried to reason with Doherty, the 40-year-old police office reportedly yelled, “What do you want, you f*cking n*gger?” and began to attack the Black man as well.

As the men wrangled, with Doherty pummeling the Hispanic driver as he lay on the ground with the Black man reportedly trying to pry the law enforcer away, a police cruiser approached the fracas. Once Doherty saw the flashing lights, he reportedly stopped his actions and quickly removed himself from the scene, states a police report.

The two police officers  initially focused their attention on the two victims while Doherty attempted to flee the scene.

However, police were reportedly able to track Doherty down and he was later arrested at his home and taken in to custody. The Uber company has reportedly banned Doherty from ever using their services again, and he is scheduled to be arraigned Monday at a South Boston District Court.

Doherty has denied all of the charges against him.

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