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Dear Tom,

When I first met my wife, Kady Jacobs, she was raising her son as a single parent.   It was 2008 and she had become a casualty of the recession and was unemployed.    I was amazed at her strength as she overcame every obstacle placed in front of her while she brought up her child and fought for opportunities.   Even when her own money dwindled, Kady still managed to give to those less fortunate.

In 2011, Kady decided to go back to college.   She is now working on her last class for dual masters in human resource management and management and leadership.   She also holds a job as a program coordinator at a skills, training and trade technical college and works with several non-profit organizations to give single parents the resources they need for more effective parenting.

Tom, Kady keeps talking about an upcoming conference called, black enterprise women of power summit, being held March 2 –5, 2015 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.   It is their 10th year uplifting female leaders of color through networking and empowerment. One of the keynote speakers is your own, Mellody Hobson, a nationally recognized voice on financial literacy who my wife admires.

My wife teasingly says, “That one day when her funds grow up, she wants to attend that conference.”     It would mean the world to me if you could grant a Christmas wish to send her to this conference and support her quest for professional development.  She truly deserves it and i know that whatever knowledge she gains, it will be her privilege–every single day–of sowing seeds into the lives of others.

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