Sun City, Arizona had its streets shaken up earlier today, as two animals, which appeared to be llamas, went on the loose in a retirement community.

According to AZ Central, the two llamas ran around the streets and roads of the town, with onlookers trying to capture and chase them as they ran freely.

The site reports:

Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office posse members tried to corral the llamas with their SUVs as they moved from a field into a neighborhood near 103rd and Grand avenues, but were unable to stop them from bolting away. The runaway animals were eventually caught by three onlookers.

“If it weren’t for (their help) we wouldn’t have been able to catch them,” said Lt. Brandon Jones, of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office.

The llamas quickly became an internet sensation, as #llamasontheloose became a huge trending topic as footage was captured of them on live television.

They were soon brought back to an assisted living facility when they were caught by the three onlookers, and originally escaped when the trailer door opening spooked them.

To read more on the incredible llama chase of Arizona, head over here.


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