Some have asked the question with Empire being such a big hit with real performers performing their own music, just how true to life are their actors?  Does it really matter?  I say “NAH” but inquiring minds wanted to know.  With him being a super talented newbie and because of his musical talents he was signed to a new record deal, is Jussie Smollet really Jamal?  In a recent interview the question was posed to Malik  Yoba and here is what he had to say…

“I think that our show represents a huge opportunity to stay in the culture beyond entertainment value and there’s an intrinsic nature of you have the gay factor, right? So, obviously, Lee is gay. That was an important storyline for him. I think it’s important for people to see themselves. Even within the Black community. But if you aren’t really, really taking it off of screen and making it live in the community in a significant way…like I know Jussie, he is gay, and he’s very committed to issues around the LGBT community. He and I have a very close relationship. There a lot of things that I’m doing. I have a company called We create or enhance cultural movements for social good using pop culture.”

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