Bill Cosby Performs At Hard Rock Live!

Source: Larry Marano / Getty

At least two people interrupted Cosby, one of which whose lengthy interruption caused the newspaper to liken it to “performance art,” about how he felt like “Cosby’s sweater.”

Responding to the heckler, Cosby drew laughter and applause from the audience, saying, “Stop – do you have another 40 minutes?” Although the context of the heckler’s remarks were unclear, the Journal-Constitution noted the heckler’s mention of “Cosby’s sweater” was a reference to the love the entertainer’s “The Cosby Show” character, Cliff Huxtable, had for fanciful sweaters.

As the show continued, a second heckler spoke out against the funnyman while he touched on childhood memories of his mother threatening to beat him.

“She didn’t beat out of you how you treat women!” yelled the heckler, who was identified as Wilmington, N.C. resident Ashley Leonard.

“Stop it! This is our show. It will be over soon,” Cosby replied.

The hecklers at the Atlanta show were the latest among various people who have heckled Cosby throughout his tour. The drama stems from sexual abuse and drugging accusations made against him in recent months by more than two-dozen women. Among Cosby’s accusers is an actress who guest-starred on an episode of “The Cosby Show.”