Y’all was so excited to be there, you went all out and kissed the first good-looking man you saw while running through the town of Wellesley – hey, anyone who pays attention to the marathon knows that’s where the women of Wellesley College traditionally offer kisses to runners.

But you couldn’t let it go at that.

You had to go on social media and put all your business out there; looking for the man.

Girl, the kiss must’ve been good. But the kisser just forgot to mention one thing: He’s a MARRIED MAN!!!

Prompted by her daughter Paige, who dared her mother to kiss a stranger, Barbara Tatge probably felt pretty good about herself and said, heck yeah! Especially when she saw how handsome he was.

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So once the marathon was over, and her mom was so happy to have met the challenge (and obviously couldn’t stop talking about that kiss!), Paige decided to go on social media to try to find the man her mom swapped spit with.



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