By BridgetEE

It’s getting hot in the Blog House now!!   Caribbean Rasta man funk, while we sway on top of the rock ♫.  I feel that sea breeze as I watch the tiki  flame do the dance of a thousand colors ♫ Sweat drip, hair flip, Ting sip, that’s the flow right now.  I feel the bang on my copper drum releasing the lead from my soul.What am I salivating about?  The Queen of making us wait, Melanie Fiona, has said wait no longer!!!  She is back teasing us with her new single release titled “Bite The Bullet” .  Although Ms. Fiona is Canadian this track has a reggae flow.   The steel drums will take you to a distant paradise, but that voice will have you saying to yourself “I guess I will bite the bullet” while sitting underneath the moon lit stars on the white sands of Jamaica.  A broken heart has never sound so sexy and putting a brotha on blast has never felt so good :) .  The insurgence of soul is amongst us for this summer.  The musical pendulum is definitely swinging back, back to the days where music was just felt.  You wanna feel it?  Do you wanna Bite The Bullet?  Well Come on!!  As always please listen and watch responsibly!!!

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