By BridgetEE

I have young brothas all the time asking me “how can I get on”, well now here is you chance.

Jack’N for Beats is coming, in search of a new winner for its national competition. The contest is hosted online at, where consumers (21+) can view the official rules, tour schedule and submit a video entry.

What’s in for you, well how about $10,000 and a studio session with DJ Khaled!! Don’t know who that is? Then you definitely don’t belong there :) !!! But for those of you that are serious about your grind, you need to find time to flow for someone other than your block and Youtube!!

I’m about to find out who is real, Memorex or just a Social Media pest :)

Jack’N for Beats is the brain child of AJ Ahmed and Jonnie Franklin.

With all the negativity that is attached to Hip Hop, these brothas have found a way to give, to reach back and bring forth others into a world that gets clouded with so many misconceptions. They teach, preach and command respect from hidden of the mass world, artist and talents, that have been misguided in thought by glittering green. People, at no cost, a chance, are being asked to open their ears and free their minds to a world that they are truly in the blind. 16 bars without a swear or any type of negative condemnation will not air. Creativity is a must, no written down dissertations are accepted at the thrust. :) Some may think its harsh, but guess what? Musical success comes with a mindset cost. Every person you will encounter in the music business are not rappers or singers, but there are those that are behind the scenes that garner the same, for their Gods gift of EAR.

Jack’N for Beats is truly an “each one, teach one” program They make sure your physically fed but you will not leave until your mind is as well.

I had the chance to catch up with the flyest studio on wheels in Cleveland, OH. DJ Khaled’s right hand man, Jack’N For Beats host and Mr A&R himself AJ Ahmed, was gracious enough to sit down and school me on the lay of the land and what exactly the purpose was. AJ is a man with one hella of an ear as well as a hella of a heart. I’m going to save you the verbatim because this time we have a live on video interview :) . So without further bars, please watch and listen RESPONSIBLY !!

You can follow AJ @directlyme