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Born and raised on the south side of Chicago, comedian-turned-actor DeRay Davis has put in his share of work on the big and small screen. You’ve seen him in movies like “Jump The Broom” and “21 Jump Street” as well as comedy specials like “Shaq’s All-Star Comedy Tour and even hosting his own show, “The Mind of A Man” and “Joking Off” on MTV.

The father of a beautiful baby girl has even voiced the late Bernie Mac on Kanye West’s albums, “College Dropout” and “Late Registration”.

But with all that success, it all comes down to making people laugh and smile for Deray.

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The most unique thing about Davis and his comedy routine is that it’s really no routine at all. He prides himself in being non-rehearsed and just having a few bullet points before he hits the stage. His comedy is off-the-cuff and allows him to adapt to any audience and any situation without risking a stale routine that may be replaced, but outdated.

“I think the role of comedy in your life should supersede anything and everything negative,” explains DeRay. “Just by virtue of the fact that you have to be funny, you can’t afford to focus on the negative. As a comedian, your challenge is to turn negative stuff into positive energy. You should be able to hear anything that sounds bad, that people normally wouldn’t laugh at, and make it feel funny to you. No one should be able to deter you, once you have your mind set on comedy. Your survival as a comedian should be as natural as breathing. I need to breathe and I consider my career my air.”

“I’d like the world to know that I would do what I do for no money,” he continued. “If I could trade my comedy for…

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