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*Madame Tussauds Las Vegas has decided to increase security around its provocative Nicki Minaj wax statue after several people have found pleasure in molesting the figurine and sharing the moment on social media.

While Minaj initially praised the statue, calling it “so iconic,” rapper Azealia Banks was the first to warn that Nicki’s modern day Sarah Baartman sideshow would attract the kind of attention that whores receive, not a platinum selling music artist.



While the wax figure is a reference to her “Anaconda” music video, many wonder why this pose was selected as a prime prop, instead of one displaying Nicki standing up and holding a microphone, as many of peers are depicted.

(Thank God they didn’t use the one where she’s spread eagle. We can only image what sordid photos would have come of that.)

Once Nicki begin posting photos that highlighted the trend of patrons molesting her likeness, Madame Tussauds took notice and released a statement explaining plans to take to remedy the situation, EW reports.

“We have been made aware of the inappropriate photograph”—which the Internet seems to agree was this one—”that was taken at Madame Tussauds Las Vegas, involving Nicki Minaj’s new wax figure,” the museum wrote on Twitter. “Madame Tussauds attractions are interactive, immersive experiences, and our visitors are generally respectful towards the wax figures. It is unfortunate that this visitor decided to behave so inappropriately and we apologise for any offence this has caused.” “We are taking immediate steps to ensure more staff are present in this area and that the set around this particular figure is redesigned so that a picture like this cannot be taken again,” the statement concluded.

Read the full statement below:




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