The Mexican Government may want to have a sit down with Actor Sean Penn in regards to a meeting he had with the just recently captured drug lord El Chapo.

El Chapo had escaped from prison in July 2015.  While a fugitive before his just recent arrest, actor Sean Penn, met with El Chapo to conduct an interview for Rolling Stone magazine in October.

It’s an amazing interview from top to bottom, but it’s the how, when and wheres, that has everyone a little perturbed.  Not to mention some of the details of the interview, some of which have been video taped are, well….let’s just say this, loose lips sink ships.  Sean Penn even took a confirmation photo with El Chapo.

Check out whats causing this breaking news below…

We’d left Los Angeles at 7 a.m. By 9 p.m. on the dash clock we arrive at a clearing where several SUVs are parked. A small crew of men hover. On a knoll above, I see a few weathered bungalows. I get out of the truck, search the faces of the crew for approval that I may walk to the trunk to secure my bag. Nods follow. I move. And, when I do…there he is. Right beside the truck. The world’s most famous fugitive: El Chapo.

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