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Rose continues to embrace the hate she has received due to her sex appeal, and is not letting that stop her from living her life.


Sexism in the entertainment industry is nothing new — just ask Amber Rose. The model, author and feminist icon has been on the receiving end of some serious hate over the years from people — including Kanye West — who just can’t seem to get over her past.

“Brad Pitt used to sell chicken in a chicken costume on the corner. No one says, ‘Oh, you sell chicken for a living.’ No he’s an actor. That’s what he does now,” Rose told The Huffington Post. “But for me, no matter how many TV shows, no matter how many movies I do, I’m always a stripper.”

She continued, the passion in her voice coming through loud and clear: “Look at Channing Tatum. He was a stripper just like me. No one says shit. He’s at the fucking Oscars. He’s at the Vanity Fair party. You know what I’m saying?”

“No one cares,” she said, “because he’s a man. They’re never going to care.”

She continued:

[Tatum] embraced the fact that he was a stripper and made a movie and kind of made fun of himself, but if I make fun of myself and I call myself a slut, or talk about my stripper past and say it was the best time of my life — I was young, and beautiful making a hundred thousand dollars in cash a year. How fucking fun was that? I had a bunch of friends, it was a party every night — I get ridiculed for that.



Article Courtesy of The Huffington Post

Picture Courtesy of Getty Images and The Huffington Post

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