One man in our area worked closely with Prince — he’s a member of the legendary rap group, Public Enemy.

When Brother Shawn Carter heard about Prince’s death, he immediately reached out to his Public Enemy crew to see if the rumors were true.

He says that although the singer is physically gone, his music will live on.

You can hear Prince’s influence in many of Public Enemy’s songs and member Brother Shawn, also known as the Interrogator, says it’s because he inspired them.

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“He was a genius, he was a genius,” he said.

Brother Shawn doesn’t tour with the group any longer but says he last interacted with Prince in 2001 when they performed in Atlanta. He says even then Prince imparted words of wisdom and independence.

“Owning your publishing, your masters. Chuck took that and we’ve never turned back,” he said, speaking of the group.

He says there are too many favorite Prince records to name but he was always in awe of the artist.

“What popped out was produced, composed, arranged and performed by Prince. Who does that?” said Brother Shawn.



Article and Picture Courtesy of WOIO Cleveland 19 News

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