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A recent study revealed that straight women were having fewer orgasms than men, lesbian or bisexual women.

The study, published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, asked more than 52,000 people about their sexual satisfaction and uncovered the ‘orgasm gap.’

95% of heterosexual men reported they usually or always orgasm in sexual encounters–compared to just 65% of heterosexual women.

“We have a very large sample of gay, lesbian, and bisexual men and women who were recruited in the same way as the heterosexual participants. This is very rare,” researcher David Frederick, PhD, assistant professor in Health Psychology at Chapman University, told CBS News. 

“This allowed us to look at whether there are multiple orgasm gaps — the gap between men and heterosexual women, but also lesbian women being less likely to orgasm than men but more likely to orgasm than heterosexual women.”

But now that we know that straight women are unfortunately orgasming less—the question remains, why?

A big reason why could be the socio-cultural norms that suppress women from expressing their deepest desires in the bedroom. The lack of communication can strain the couple’s connection and make orgasm elusive. Another factor involved in orgasm-less sex is stingy foreplay.

According to the participants surveyed, heterosexual women were more likely to orgasm when they received oral sex. That would lead to an orgasm discrepancy since fewer than half of the study participants reported that they always incorporate oral sex into their bedroom action. Oral sex, longer sex and kissing were correlated with likeliness to orgasm.

Heterosexual women and their partners have to take the time to integrate foreplay into their intimate interactions in order to create the perfect environment for the ‘big bang.’



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Picture Courtesy of Timothy Shonnard, Getty Images, and HelloBeautiful

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