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Chilli of TLC shared some thoughts about why she’s not invested in the Black Lives Matter movement.

Whenever anyone gets into a discussion about Black Lives Matter, chances are that someone will derail the conversation by saying “All Lives Matter.”

Today, that person was Chilli. She started out the promo tour for TLC‘s next and final album by confusing everyone with her answer to a question about whether she supports Black Lives Matter.

“For me, all Lives Matter,” Chilli said, “there’s a time when different groups are targeted for different things.”

Chilli followed that up with some stammering about why she believes police brutality is problem for everyone, not just Black people. Nevermind that the phrase “All Lives Matter” is a deflection completely intended to silence real concerns about the disproportionate amount of police brutality inflicted on the Black community.

“So I–just that–just the whole what happened–police brutality against young black boys and stuff like that. All of that kind of stuff is wrong,” Chilli said. “Even if it was a Caucasian teen–kid–that this was happening to, it’s just not right.”

Hoping to clear up any misunderstanding, she added that she feels the real problem with police brutality is having the wrong people in positions of power. “Some people take that authoritative position and go crazy with it,” she explained.

“That color sticks together, too–blue. They stick together,” T-Boz chimed in “They’re not going to tell on each other.”

T-Boz couldn’t save Chilli, though, because she was busy talking about why she isn’t worried about having Donald Trump in The White House.

“God is my president,” T-Boz asserted. “I just feel sorry for people it affects, but I don’t care about him.”

Well, there you have it.

After seeing this clip, fans on Black Twitter didn’t hold back about Chilli’s opinion.


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