In honor of the upcoming 4th of July holiday, Kia of Bedford and Z107.9 have come up with a list of all the people you will DEFINITELY see at the holiday cookout!  Tell us about your family cookouts, and people you know who fit in these categories.

  1. The Backseat Griller:  This is the person that is never the Grill Master but ALWAYS claims the person manning the grill is not doing something right.  They are constantly telling you when to flip, what can come off, and what you need to add to the BBQ sauce.
  2. The Play Cousin:  This is the person that isn’t TECHNICALLY family, but always shows up to the cookouts and family functions.  They get treated like family, but you sometimes wonder why they never go to their own family cookout
  3. The Store Runner:  This person always claims to be making a store run, but doesn’t come back to the cookout for a good 2-3 hours… Just in time to eat.
  4. The Too Competitive Spades Player:  We all know spades in serious stuff, but this person takes it to ANOTHER LEVEL.  Its all fun and games until someone reneges!
  5. The Vegan: This is the person who has all of a sudden changed their diet, and didn’t let you know.  They swear they are vegan, or on some type of diet, even though you swear you saw them eating a cheeseburger yesterday.
  6. The Old Skool Playa:  This is that uncle that SWEARS the are still young and cool.  He still has all the dance moves (or thinks he does) and is definitely sporting a Bluetooth earpiece.
  7. The Awkward Couple:  This is the aunt and uncle who show up to the cookout but are giving each other the silent treatment and clearly have an attitude with each other, making the situation super awkward for everyone else
  8. The Freestyler:  Everybody has that one cousin that always wants to freestyle once they start drinking and who’s mixtape has been “about to drop” for like 3 years.
  9. The Moocher: This is the person that always shows up empty handed to the cookout, but always leaves with three to-go plates.
  10. High Heat Auntie:  This is the auntie that CANNOT cook for anything but always wants to make food for the cookout and FORCE you to eat it.    Next cookout, don’t forget to ask the sacred question before making your plate: “Who Made This?”


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