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Amerie Album Release Party for Touch - April 26, 2005

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The saying goes, when there is smoke there’s fire and for some they spark a fire to receive attention smoke.  Philadelphia native, 45 year old, NEO Soul/R&B singer, Jaguar Wright, is back.  Not with new music but with a conspiracy theory surrounding Uptown Records.

Jaguar Wright in a recent video is bringing light/shedding light on the five founding, Mount Rushmore, members of Uptown Records, Andre Harrell, Heavy D, Al B. Sure, Puffy and Kim Porter.

Jaguar Wright says Andre Harrell and Heavy D both dead from heart attack, Kim Porter, long time assistant of Andre Harrell, initial report said homicide, then she swings viewers attention to the near death experience that Al B. Sure just had.  Jaguar Wright says 3 of the 4 were writing books at the time of their death and Al B. Sure is working on a documentary however Jaguar Wright is alluding that she smells a rat with the last man standing, member number 5, Diddy formerly known as Puffy.

Not only does she have a theory about Puffy, she also has some things to say about Jay-Z, an alleged Nas nervous breakdown, Aaliyah and Dame Dash.

In the words of Damon Williams, may not be right, may not be true, but that’s what Jaguar Wright has to say and more.

Take a look at the videos below.

Sam Sylk Show with Bijou Star

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