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Social media is giving people all kinds of motivation, and some of them use it to post some really outrageous stuff.

For example, there’s an old saying: “Boys will be boys.” But some in this new generation really push the limits. The following is a look at what we mean.

One out-of-control teen has been acting up at area businesses in Shaker and South Euclid. At the Five Guys in the Cedar Center North shopping strip in South Euclid, the guy, who calls himself “Dumm Uno” on his Facebook page, picks up a box of peanuts in the restaurant and tosses it behind the counter onto the cooking surface, laughs, and runs out.

He claims to be “a different kind of savage.”

On another occasion, he and his partners in crime, including the person shooting the video, ransack a convenience store without reservations about trashing other people’s property.

Michele Kinney, a Shaker Heights mother of two, saw some of the disruptive Instagram videos. She says these acts are embarrassing to African Americans and is counter-productive.

“Why would you destroy where you live? Because they frequent this area. Kids need to be more aware of their actions and know that every action causes a reaction,” she said. “So you make life happen negatively, negative things are going to come back to you.”

Another video shows Dumm Uno snatching food at a drive-thru window at a Wendy’s. Then he and his partners pour water on the floor inside at the Walmart on Warrensville Center Road and they slid down the isle.  Another time, at the Subway in Shaker Town Center, he pulls off his T-shirt and spills milk all over himself.  He and his buddy then ran through the restaurant making mischief.


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