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Timberlake returns to the Super Bowl halftime stage, 14 years after the most controversial one yet.

It appeared that people weren’t  happy about the rumor of Justin Timberlake bringing out “Prince” via hologram which Prince hated by the way, but one could assume that it was done as tasteful as could be expected. Timberlake did perform the song “Die 4 U.” It would have been weird if the NFL had not done anything in honor of “Prince” during halftime but hey, we will let the people way in with their views on this one.

Photo Credit: NBC Super Bowl Halftime Photo with Justine Timberlake and Prince


Artists who perform at the Super Bowl must think of ways to put on the greatest show on Earth. With millions of viewers set to watch this year’s Super Bowl, Justin Timberlake knows that he has to give a performance of a lifetime. Justin did pay homage to the marching band which is always good to see on the field. While his stage presence was a lack luster bust, Timberlake opened up with his single “Filthy” from his Man of The Woods album and then rolled into his greatest hits such as “Rock Your Body”, “SexyBack”, “My Love” and “Cry Me A River” which he kind of just breezed through.

The “Rock Your Body” song has sparked some criticism as it was the same song that Timberlake performed with Janet Jackson when he embarrassed her by exposing her nipple during their 2004 Super Bowl performance.

Surrounding areas of the U.S. Bank Stadium lit in purple

Photo Credit: NBC Super Bowl Halftime Tribute To “Prince”


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