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Sometimes big dreams do come true, but the resurrection of Geauga Lake probably borders more on fantasy.

On Feb. 24, Brian Roote created a GoFundMe page introducing a $450 million renovation and construction plan, which would bring the defunct park back to life.

Here is Roote’s ambitious 5-phase reconstruction proposal, which starts with a modest $20 million GoFundMe investment:

Phase 1: Land Acquisition – $50 Million

  • A meeting may be held as early as June 2018 with the current property owner to negotiate land acquisition costs. It is possible that we are able to acquire the land for as low as $12 million.

Phase 2: Rehabilitation of Park – $100 Million

  • The first step is transforming the current wasteland into a thriving natural oasis, similar to that of a nature preserve for all of the community to enjoy. Guests can expect amenities such as showers, pools, spas and meal options. We will recreate the historic landmark entrance to Geauga Lake. The main midway will be fittingly named The People’s Midway as it is paved with bricks inscribed with the name of every one of you gracious enough to donate $5,000+.

Phase 3: Attractions Construction – $250 Million

  • Once we establish ourselves as the Mecca of family leisure resorts, the next level is inevitable – Coasters! Additionally, proms and weddings may be held at ThunderHawk Hall. Guests may enjoy a breezy family picnics in the Big Dipper Pavilion, topped off with an ice cream at Double Loop Scoop! Visit the Geauga Lake Museum located right next to re-creation of the historical Geauga Lake entrance!



Article Courtesy of WOIO Cleveland 19 News

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