It had previously been reported that Lil Wayne may have had a love child by the name of Dwayne Brown by a woman name Keiotia Watson back in 2001.

According to TMZ, they got a hold of the results from Lil Wayne’s paternity test and it turns out that he is NOT the father, in fact there is ZERO chance that Lil Wayne is the father. So as it stands, he is still the father of four beautiful children and not five.

The Louisiana judge who had originally ruled in favor of Watson after she had filed her legal documents to establish paternity and receive child support, ruled for Lil Wayne to Pay $5K per month, but will now have to drop the whole motion.

Now, just a question, we get the child’s first name being Lil Wayne and his father shared name of Dwayne, but don’t most times when the child does not have the fathers last name they naturally get the last name of the mother. So whose last name is Brown?