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Dionne Warwick is weighing on modern music and why she feels the musical climate has shifted.

In an Instagram video that’s gone viral, the music legend spoke candidly about how music has been altered, and she believes this is caused by a lack of originality.

Warwick believes musical artists are not allowed to express their talents and this is because record labels project their personal agenda and standards onto their artists, which ultimately limits the artist’s creativity.

“I think that’s what happened to our industry – literally – everybody became a clone. If you turn on the radio today, you can’t tell who’s singing what.”

She continued by highlighting talented vocalists and singers who came before us,

“But you know when you hear Gladys Knight. You know when you hear Patti LaBelle, you know when you hear Johnny Mathis, and you know when you hear Frank Sinatra.”

She also pointed out how artists are limited by certain niches that companies believe they need to fill.

“But I defy you, to turn on the radio and listen to one after the other after the other, and then after 10 to 15 minutes of rest, tell me who sang that first song. They all sound the same. And that has nothing do with their talents. Their talents are being limited by their recording companies. ‘I want you to look like, I want you to be like, I want you to sound like,’ Why?”

Dionne’s comments struck a chord, as a lot of folks agreed with her:

jefram32Hallelujah! I was saying the same thing! Matter of fact, I was using Dionne as an example. Love them or not, the artists back then had their own sound, which I appreciate more than ever now!


iamriofloresPreach auntie!!!!



hasangreatergreenThis is sooooooo true

melba1mooreXOXO Love from the real Melba Moore  #Truth#

journeyback2leeSooooo true!! I miss the era of authenticity in music period!!

guidingplanetTRUTH!!!!! Random basic nothing music today …I was so lucky to grow up with brilliance

maywillowmagnoliaBack in the day SANGING in distinctive unique voices, your OWN. None of that manufactured nasal stuff



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