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From domestic violence accusations to crystal meth charges, it’s not a secret that former child actor Orlando Brown hasn’t taken the best path in life in the past few years.

Now, he may be adding “deadbeat Dad” to his resume.

On the Dec. 21 episode of “Dr. Phil,” the “That’s So Raven” star admitted that he has fathered numerous children, so many in fact, that he can’t remember all of their names and ages.

“I got a 2-year-old, 4-year-old… 5-year-old, 8 and 11.” He added another surprising detail to the mix by mentioning, “[The] 2-year-old still in the belly. We don’t know [the name] yet.”

Brown’s friend told Dr. Phil that he called the show because he’s extremely worried about the actor’s weakened psychological state.

“I called in because Orlando, he has mental problems. He’s burnt so many bridges, no one wants to deal with him. If you can’t help, he does not have a chance,” one of Brown’s friends explained during a call-in during the episode.

“Out of nowhere, he’ll say: ‘Michael Jackson is my father. I own Neverland.”

To show his love for the King of Pop, during his interview he rocked a pair of contacts that made his eyes closer resemble that of a snake’s.

“They’re my Michael Jackson eyelids from ‘Thriller,’” Brown told Dr. Phil.

Brown continued by claiming he’s Jackson’s son.

“My full name is Orlando Brown Prince Michael Jackson Jr. aka Blanket,” Brown claimed. “My nickname I gave to myself. My father was Michael Jackson, the great Michael Jackson…I used to always wonder why I’m so astronomically blessed and gifted when it comes to being talented. I rap, sing and I do everything immaculately,” he stressed.

Adding, “The eyes. And also just speaking to different Jackson family members that, you know, have confirmed it. So yeah, it’s a blessing to know that. I can sit here today and say, that yeah, that Michael Jackson was my father.”

Before the interview ended, Dr. Phil offered Orlando help at a Malibu addiction and mental health treatment center. Sadly, he refused that help on air.

“That sounds cool but I don’t have the time right now,” he said.

“I really wish I did have the time. I’ve been going through treatments and a lot of group sessions and all of this stuff unnecessarily in the first place. I refuse to let myself believe that, you know, I have a problem.” He also talked about what he’s trying to focus on now. “Right now what I need help with is me basically having my home, my kids and my life. That’s all I need,” he said. “Like I mentioned earlier, four years sober. I don’t think I need the help.”

“I think some people on the outside need to grow up and they need to really take responsibility for what they’ve done in their lives and stop trying to hide between other people’s masks,” he continued. “I just got out of rehab, out of the E.R. I’m not doing no more time away from my kids that I need to. I want my kids to be with me in Neverland.”

Thankfully, according to Dr. Phil after the show ended,  Orlando later accepted his help and is currently in the center getting the attention he so desperately needs.

We hope he gets well for the new year.


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