Amateur Night 2015 Season Opener With Special Guest Jazmine Sullivan

Source: Shahar Azran / Getty

History has a funny way of repeating itself. Take the Windy City of Chicago circa the 1820s when a self-proclaimed Brooklyn street politician named Al Capone revolutionized the crime world with his hustling antics. Nearly 70 years later, the Bronx is introduced to Derrick Lee, another hustler who trades in his ruggish-thuggish ways to become a successful entrepreneur and later metamorphosize the world of comedy as Capone, the Gangster of Comedy.

Today comedian Capone the Gansta of Comedy stopped by The Sam Sylk Show on his way to the Cleveland Improv Jam to give the gangsta on todays hot trending topics.  And by the way he sold out Thursdays show, but you still have a chance to check him out, he will be here all weekend.

Take a listen to a hilarious but true gangsta history lesson Capone spoke  below.