2017 R Kelly Memory Lane Tour

Source: Arena Theatre Houston / client provided

If people thought that ‘Surviving R Kelly’ was gonna stop Robert Kelly’s backyard party, Kell’s thinks folks have clearly underestimated him.  If you cut his coins off in the US he will just go get it overseas.

According to the Pied Piper of R&B’s official Instagram he is taking his Fiesta on tour in Australia , New Zealand , Sri Lanka and for the record he went ahead and put it out there that he is the KING of R&B.

Is he serious?  We don’t know but he has definitely got our attention.  Check out his tour announcement and his single, where he reminds people that they are born to his music. All I can say is WOW and SMH!!

UPDATE…The Post has mysteriously been taken down

According to a new post on his personal Twitter account Kells is saying that he has nothing to do with the tour or have any knowledge of it.  (see post below)

🚨FAKE TOUR ALERT🚨 While I love all my amazing Fans in the Australia region I am NOTinvolved in this tour nor do I have knowledge of it, it’s promoters, etc.

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