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So much for Michael Jackson resting in peace, after the airing of the 4 hour HBO documentary ‘Leaving Neverland’. Just like the case with R. Kelly and ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ it is being reported that radio stations are now removing the Michael Jackson’s music from there stations airwaves in the wake of the documentary.

Although MJ was acquitted of all sexual abuse charges in 2005, charges that the men of this documentary claimed didn’t happen back then either in court, decided to reopen the case in the court of public opinion and so far the King of pop is not only being booted off the radio but his statue is now being booted out of a museums.

According to, “A statue of Michael Jackson has been removed from Britain’s National Football Museum”, according to a spokesperson from the museum “As part of our ongoing plans to better represent the stories we want to tell, we have made a decision to remove the Michael Jackson statue from display.”

Not sure why Michael Jackson’s statue was there in the first place, SMH, I never remember Michael Jackson playing sports, maybe they got the MJ’s mixed up? You know Michael Jackson, Michael Jordan? #IJS

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