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After taking a vacation to the Dominican Republic, a couple from Mount Vernon, N.Y, 40 year old Orlando Moore and his girlfriend 52 year old Portia Ravenelle were supoosed to return home on March 27th but never made their flight.

Now today is April 11th and it is being reported that Portia Ravenlle was found on the side of the road (the road to the airport) unconscious, where she was taken to the hospital and died on April 4th, then Orlando Moore’s rental car was found on March 31st in the ocean not far from where Portia was found. Dominican Republic authorities are still unclear on wheather or not the body in the car is Orlando’s due to water damage but they have sent a photo on the tattoo on the body to Orlando Moore’s brother for identification.


The question is now, what happened to this couple and why wasn’t anyone notified when they had a woman in the hospital? D.R. local police say they believe the car crashed while on the way to the airport, because they had checked out of their hotel on March 27th. Fisherman located the vehicle they were driving in the ocean.

Family and friends are confused and upset because many questions have went unanswered especially when they reported the couple missing to the US Embassy representative on March 31 they were told “no bodies were found, there were no dead bodies reported, no accidents, no one was in jail.”

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