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A recent case in an uprising of toxic masculinity has now wrecked havoc on the life of an unsuspecting 5-year-old boy who fell victim to a vicious, unprovoked attack.

Emmanuel Aranda, 24, was charged with attempted premeditated first-degree murder after he threw the victim over the third-floor railing at the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota, citing that he was “looking for someone to kill” because women had rejected his advances, USA Today reports. The boy was reportedly standing with his mother by the Rainforest Cafe when he was grabbed.

The child’s first name is Landen, but his last name has been withheld due to his family’s request, according to PEOPLE.

To date Landen is fighting for his life after sustaining a 40 feet fall, with several broken bones and head trauma.

“His condition has very little change at this point, but we are hoping to get some good news back from some upcoming tests,” family friend Noah Hanneman shared on the fundraising during a Monday update. He also described Landen as the “sweetest, kindest 5-year-old you will ever meet.”

“His soul is soft and gentle and instantly brings a smile to everybody he meets,” Hanneman continued.

GoFundMe launched by the family has raised over $600,000 surpassing its original goal of $500,000.

The attack took place on Friday, and signaled a long history of offenses Aranda had at the shopping mall. Aranda was banned from the mall prior to Friday’s incident, but according to USA Today, the ban was not in effect at the time of the attack.

In 2015 Aranda was arrested at the mall after throwing an object off the third story balcony and also faced numerous misdemeanor convictions, with some being handled through a mental health court.

According to the complaint filed on Monday, Aranda said he intended to carry out his vendetta the day prior, but his initial plan didn’t “work out.” He returned on Friday and decided to attack the young child instead of an adult. The complaint continued saying Aranda was angered by previous instances where he was rejected by multiple women.

During a press conference Bloomington Police Chief Jeff Potts described the scene as “gut-wrenching.”



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