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Dennis Rodman is pretty easy to spot. So it’s kind of awkward that he stands accused of pilfering clothes from a yoga studio—as seen on video, allegedly.

Reports TMZ Sports:

Here’s the deal … the NBA Hall of Famer entered VIBES Hot Yoga in Newport Beach around 12:45 PM on Tuesday with 3 companions — 2 women and 1 man.

Almost immediately after they arrived, things got weird — the owner tells us Dennis began distracting employees while the woman in a long-sleeved green shirt began stuffing clothing into her purse.

At one point, the woman hides behind Rodman while she tucks a shirt away.

Then, things get weirder …

Rodman’s male companion grabs a large $2,500 crystal art piece from the front desk and tries to place it on a steel dolly, insisting he wants to buy it.

But, the guy drops the crystal — which shatters all over the floor — and while the staff is distracted, the women in the green-sleeves grabs another clothing item and again stuffs it into her purse.

The struggle only gets stranger from here.

Eventually, the entire crew leaves the store with the shattered crystal piece on the dolly. The owner tells us everyone in the group refused to pay. Dennis actually blamed the staff for the broken crystal.

The owner tells us … the gang left the store with more than $500 in stolen clothing, plus the broken crystal — so they went to police and filed a theft report.

The owner also says the employees working that day say everyone in Rodman’s group reeked of alcohol.

What in the name of clout chasing is this?

We gotta hear both sides.


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