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John Boyega is British and he’s black and he’s pissed. Yes indeed, the “Star Wars” actor, along with other black Britons, is too through with Spike Lee‘s “She’s Gotta Have It.”

In particular, Boyega is speaking out against a scene in an episode of the Netflix series which features a debate between two characters about black British actors and slavery.

The scene features the show’s primary character, Nola Darling (DeWanda Wise), painting black British actors as “cheap.”  She shares the scene with actor Michael Luwoye whose black british character on the show is named Olumide Owoye.

Boyega, 27, saw a clip of the scene circulating online and the first thing out of his mouth was “trash.”

As far as the “debate” is concerned, Nola stirred things up with this comment:

“[Black British actors] need to fall back and fall away from taking all of our roles, like we have dope, talented, trained, qualified black actors right here in the States. ‘But at the end of the day, black Brits just come cheaper.”

Responding with what UK news website Metro calls a questionable British accent, Luwoye’s character Olumide Owoye said:

“I agree somewhat. But black British actors are better suited than black American actors for Stateside roles because they don’t carry the burden of f****d up black American history, of lynching, slavery, Jim Crow, all that.”

He added: “Black Brits are free of the psychological burden and therefore they can really delve into black American s**t.”

The Nola Darling character then attempt to educate Olu on black British history:

“You’re not unburdened Olu. British ships were the dominant force in the Atlantic slave trade.

“Almost two million kidnapped Africans who died during the Middle Passage so you and your mans and your fellow black British blokes didn’t come out of the s**t unscathed.”

Nola wasn’t through. She added:

“You just have Stockholm syndrome and fell in love with your captors.”

Whoa! That right there apparently struck a nerve with black Britishers who deciaded to point their ire at Spike Lee, accusing him of not liking non-American black actors

Needless to say, the dialogue has infuriated viewers with much of the criticism aimed at Spike. Accusing the Oscar-winning director of disliking non-American black actors, one critisc said:

“I think Spike should just say he has an issue with black people from other countries coming to Hollywood and getting work. I would also love Spike to address the colorism in his work. A lot of this is just anti blackness cloaked in xenophobia.”

Quoting one particular line from the scene, another added:

“#ShesGottaHaveIt2 really really reeeeeeally said [black brits] have stockholm syndrome and fell in love with our captors. do you know how UNF*****GBELIEVABLY offensive that s**t is?????? but we can’t catch a fart in the wind to say ‘hey uhhh maybe you guys don’t know us? [sic]’”

The nine-part Netflix series, which is based on Spike’s classic 1986 movie of the same name, debuted its second season on 24 May.



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