Jussie Smollett mugshot

Source: Cook County Sheriff’s Office / Cook County Sheriff’s Office

I guess it doesn’t matter how big you get, everything is all about, ‘how can I go viral.”   And apparently and/or allegedly being a star on FOX Empire wasn’t enough for Jussie Smollett AKA Jamal Lyon as it is being reported that Jussie after his alleged attack GOOGLED himself 50 times.

A couple of days we reported to you that police have released several hours of surveillance video of Jussie Smollett, one showing him with a noose around his neck.  Now Chicago Police have released Jussie Smollett’s search history on his computer in the days following the reported attack.

It appears that Chicago police are coming for Jussie HARD!! The question is now can Jussie Smollett bounce back from all of this?

Check out some of Jussie Smollett’s Google searches and the video below.

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