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Baltimore, Maryland single mother Shalita Addison is like a lot of single moms trying to make a way out of no way for her kids.  Struggling to get to where she needs to be to to make ends meet plus getting her daughter to the place where she will excel academically plus for-fill her dreams of playing basketball.  And although Shalita was praying for a way she was starting to think her prayers weren’t being heard…But God

Taylor Addison, Mount St. Mary’s basketball player, reason for wanting to pursue basketball was because of Carmello Anthony so God used Carmello Anthony to make Shaltia Addison’s life more mello in her pursuit of of making things happen for her family by way of gifting the single mom a 2017 Mazda CX3 when her previous car was hit or miss on starting up when she was trying to get her daughter who has a division I scholarship get to school.

He is always on time.

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