At the university center, a young woman speaks out

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There is a video that is now going viral that has a female college student, who happens to be black, telling a group of students, who are white, to leave.

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This took place at the University of Virginia Multicultural Student Center.

From EURweb:

In the video, the woman makes what she calls a “public service announcement.” She goes on to say that she is “uncomfortable” because there are “too many white people” in the Multicultural Student Center.

She notes that the center is a “space for people of color.” And with that statement, the woman urged all white people to leave the building.

The movement receives some applause from those in the video.

The video has also been sent to social media, where there those felt that was “racist” that the place is for “people of color.”

Was she in the right to tell them to leave, or do you think she was being racist?


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