mgk machine gun kelly in the studio with Incognito

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Celebrities say the darnedest things especially when paparazzi bother them when they are on their own time trying to prepare for the coronavirus pandemic. Especially if you ask them crazy questions.

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Paparazzi stopped Cleveland’s own, rapper Machine Gun Kelly, who appeared to be in a hurry, to ask him if he thinks that because of the coronavirus scare did he think there is going to be a baby boom? MGK answered the question with a question, asking “why?” “Because people are gonna f*&^%?” The street reporter then wanted to know, from a rapper mind you, how to have safe sex during the coronavirus pandemic. And that’s when MGK gave the fans and the reporter what they wanted.

The reporter’s kin folk obviously never told him that old saying, when you ask a stupid question, you get a stupid answer. Hilarious!!

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