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The Mayor of the City of Akron has now brought to attention a bill that was first drafted by one of the members of city council.

Mayor Dan Horrigan has presented the legislation on July 9 to enforce an order to have residents and visitors wear a mask or face covering at all times in public.

From WEWS News 5 Cleveland:

“I take my duties as Mayor very seriously and the most crucial charge of my position is protecting the safety and wellbeing of the citizens of Akron. This face covering order will help keep Akron businesses open, help get our kids back into school, and ultimately and most importantly, save lives. Wearing a mask is not a political statement. It is a way of showing common courtesy and kindness to your fellow citizens. I wear my mask to protect your family and you wear yours to protect mine, and that is how community works,” Horrigan said.

The ordinance was first brought up by the city’s councilwoman Tara Mosley-Samples in which this order will have people wear facial coverings at all public businesses, establishments, and spaces at all times, except when consuming food.

Other exceptions in that ordinance includes working in “a place that prohibits facial coverings, working alone in an assigned area or has health reasons.”

To read on all of the requirements when it comes to facial coverings in Akron, click here.

Members of Akron City Council will get to decide on enforcing the mandate at a meeting on July 13.

This comes as Summit County has moved up to the “red” Level 3 status in Ohio’s Ohio Public Health Advisory System.  It will soon enforce facial coverings for everyone living, working, and visiting on July 10 at 6 p.m.

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