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Before we get started, we would not now anything about this particular love triangle had they not aired it out to us…The Court of Public Opinion.  And unfortunately when you air things out in the court of public you subject yourself to us the peanut gallery jury.

August Alsina affectionately known as ‘AUG’ by the Smith’s sat down for an interview a couple weeks ago and said that he had been in a relationship with Jada Pinkett Smith and that Will Smith gave them the green light.  Which led to Black Twitter doing what they do, and that is commenting on what they had heard.  We heard nothing from the Smith camp officially but crickets until this past Friday.

Jada felt she was getting dragged, Will wasn’t liking too much that Aug said he gave him permission to smash his wife so the couple more specifically Jada Pinkett Smith sat herself at The Red Table on Facebook Live with Will Smith conducting the interview.

So here is the Court of Public Opinion paraphrase of the Will and Jada, Red Table Talk interview:

Jada and Will both said that August Alsina was a family friend whom they were trying to help more specially with August’s health.  At some point the couple had separated amicably meaning in a friendly and peaceable manner.  Although Will and Jada were separated in a supposedly friendly and peaceable manner, Will’s words were he was ‘done with her ass’.  Jada then said that her need to be a fixer, led her to have an entanglement with August, Will asked Jada to make it plain she said what about, he said entanglement, you mean a relationship/relations (with Will having red watery eyes), Jada then says yes we had an entanglement.  The happy couple then wanted to address the comment that Will had gave his permission, Will said he did not give permission then Jada said it wasn’t Will’s permission to give (although he was technically her husband).

Entanglement:  a complicated or compromising relationship or situation

Fans have been commenting, what they do isn’t our business, we shouldn’t be commenting on it, the Smith’s aren’t happy that Black Twitter is allegedly dragging them, that’s why they didn’t comment after they scene the Alsina interview, it happened a long time ago and they are irritated that they have to, in so many words, relive this part of their life that they have gotten over.

Or have they gotten over it??  You know what they say about pulling a scab off of an old wound?

Here’s the thing the August Alsina is clearly still hurt and still has some issues otherwise, why air that unclean laundry after all this time, unless…., As for Will and Jada Pinkett Smith they should have stuck with their first mind and not addressed it.  The story/interview was starting to lose it’s steam, by addressing it like they did they added fuel to The Court of Public Opinion.

So now people want to know:

Has Will Smith really let entanglement gate go?  Is he really that amazing of a man?  Did Will Smith get revenge before or after the entanglement?  Is August Alsina whipped or is what is said to be along time ago a little more fresh?  Would you the jury be able to forgive your spouse knowing that they did the do with someone else?  Why did Jada Pinkett Smith hit us with the big complicated word entanglement?  August was the Smith’s kids friend first and apparently he entangled their mom, how do they feel about this?  How does all this really work?

Check out the interviews below and hit us up with your questions and we may or may not be able to give you an answer from our perspective, I mean since all of these people put it out there…#IJS

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