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Many have a new hobby of binge watching Netflix as a safe form of entertainment during the pandemic as well as spending quality family time during the weekends and families in Northeast Ohio got a pleasant surprise this past weekend when they powered up their Netflix streaming app to see a familiar face, Cleveland’s own, rapper Machine Gun Kelly AKA MGK.

Trending number one on Netflix this past weekend was ‘Project Power‘ starring actor/comedian/singer Jamie Foxx, along with actor Courtney B Vance in a 5.0 futuristic crack epidemic movie bordering between Marvell and reality about a former soldier teams up with a cop to find the source behind a dangerous pill that provides temporary superpowers.

Colson Baker, Bad BoyMGK who has seemed to add actor to his resume was the first familiar face we see at the very beginning of this action thriller when he removes his hoodie that is cover is face.  MGK plays the role of Newt a mid-level supplier in New Orleans that clearly didn’t heed to the rules of NWA’s ‘Dopeman’ because he was clearly getting high of his own supply which ultimately leads him to go up in flames literally, along with the futuristic ‘Carter’ projects, but not before getting into an amazing battle.

This hasn’t been MGK’s first acting rodeo, he also most notably played a role in ‘Bird Box’ on Netflix as well.

Take a look at the actor known as MGK behind the scenes on Netflix Project Power below.

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