Peoples pets are like their children and in the case of Grammy award winning artist Lady Gaga her dogs Koji and Gustav are just that, her family/babies, so imagine how horrified she must be that dogs thieves snatched her babies. What’s even more horrifying is the dogs weren’t running around loose, they were being walked by her dog walker who was shot during the dognapping.

Lady Gaga was out of town when her dog walker, Ryan Fischer, was walking Gaga’s 3 dogs when a car rolled up on him. Two dog thieves, one with a gun drawn, told Fischer to “give it up”, when Fischer resisted the one with the gun shot him in the chest 4 times, each person grabbed one dog and hopped back in the car and sped off, the third dog had ran then came back to see about Ryan Fischer that was laid out on the side walk. Thank God Ryan Fischer was rushed to a hospital and according to one report he is recovering well. However Koji and Gustav are still missing and so are the men that could have killed Fischer in an attempt to steal Gaga’s dog.

According to reports now a neighbor has released surveillance video footage of the shooting and dognapping in hopes that justice will be served for Ryan Fischer, they are also hoping that people seeing this video can aid in the return of Lady Gaga’s dogs. Lady Gaga is being reported as distraught over the shooting and the theft of her dogs, she is also allegedly offering $500,000 no-questions-asked reward.

Are thoughts and prayers, of healing go out to Ryan Fischer as well as the safe return of Koji and Gustav.

Take a look at the video below

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Source: Radio One Digital