This scene happens all the time a young person goes to school and gets clowned for their hair cut/style or the cloths they wear.  Young people don’t have much control over the circumstances in which they are clothed and groomed and if their look isn’t on point, although it should not matter, it can be the cause of much embarrassment and stress to the child.

An 8th grader that attends Stonybrook Intermediate and Middle School in Indianapolis, Indiana parents got him a hair cut that wasn’t quite right, so instead of rockin the cut, the young man decided to wear a hat to school to cover it.  Of course young men are not allowed to wear hats in school which led the young man to be sent to the principals office.  But instead of yelling at the young man and sending him home, Principal Jason Smith, asked the question of why the hat?  Once the young man told him about his bad hair cut, Principal Jason Smith, let the young man know that he knew how to work clippers and could fix it.  After giving the 8th grader and his parents his resume on hair cutting, they agreed to let Principal Jason Smith fix it.

Principal Jason Smith got the shorty’s lineup together, the happy student thanked the principal, apologized for his behavior then went to class.

Now that’s what a call a Principal that cares about his students.  Thank you and God Bless you, Principal Jason Smith for all that you do.

Take a look at the viral photo and story below.

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Source: Radio One Digital