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In the beginning there was Club Quarantine.

In March of 2020 everyone around the United States was in shock when the unthinkable became a reality COVID-19 had forced America to shelter in Place because the corona virus pandemic was spreading across our nation.   People in a blink of an eye discovered that we were living in a time that will go down in history but the scariest part was we started living in a new norm that meant no restaurants, no movie theaters, no shopping malls and no clubs.  DJ’s that were making their living entertaining us were suddenly forced to shut down shop, regular Joe’s were wondering what are we going to do there is only so much binge watching they could do and that’s were depression for some started setting in.

But in the case of New York native, Boogie Down Productions OG, DJ D-Nice, it was put upon his spirit to open a club in the beginnings of a pandemic that would be visited by some of the most famous people in the world such as Michelle Obama, Joe Biden, Da Brat and Oprah just to name a few of the over 100 thousand that viewed,  ‘Club Quarantine’.

Before Verzuz there was Club Quarantine.

Today DJ D-Nice is pumped with the 1 year anniversary of Club Quarantine so much so that he is dropping new music with Neyo and is going to go live on Instagram spinning on the 1’s & 2’s for 24 hours straight March 19, 2021. (see video premiere going live at midnight below)

Take a listen below.

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