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Back in the day you didn’t find out the sex of your baby until born day, then moving a little forward from that if you had enough money or your insurance allotted for it you could find out the sex of your baby before born day, but now knowing the sex of your baby has become a standard practice way before they baby gets here and that standard practice has given birth to the gender reveal parties.

Gender reveals in the beginning started off as a pre-baby shower that the guests and sometimes the parents learned if it is going to be a boy or a girl when they cut into the cake (pink filling girl/blue filling boy), or one balloon or Piñata pops open with blue or pink confetti.  But like everything in life things grown and what started off as cute has turned into a who can come up with the most elaborate reveal.  Unfortunately it appears that the more elaborate the gender reveals are getting the more dangerous they are getting. One soon to be dad was building a device to be used at the unborn child’s gender-reveal party in Liberty, New York, when the device exploded killing the dad.  Another gender reveal sparked a wildfire.  Now the latest gender reveal disaster has caused the death of two people.

This week off the coast of Cancun, expecting parents hired a plane to fly a banner for their gender reveal announcing they were having a baby girl, when it crashed into the ocean killing 2 of the 4 onboard that plane, while the reveal guests cheered below thinking that the plane taking a nose dive was part of the stunt.

Take a look at the video below. [Warning this video is disturbing]

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