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Man holding handgun pistol

Source: Nia Noelle / Radio One Digital

As if dating in 2021 isn’t hard enough with the pandemic going on, not to mention the almost apparent death of chivalry now you got to worry about someone shooting their shot at you then you possibly not wanting to receive the invitation to love, because maybe you are entertaining someone else’s affections, only to get shot over the turn down.

Sounds crazy, right?

An Atlanta woman named Meairra Mansara and her boyfriend, Juwan Davis, were cruising along in scooters near one morning when a man pulled up in a muscle car and started trying to muscle in on Ms. Mansara.  Her boyfriend Juwan Davis wasn’t appreciating what was being said to his girl Meairra Mansara so he told Mr. Dodge Charger to chill out and that’s when the shooting started, with one of the bullets striking Ms. Mansara in the leg.

Ms Mansara is recovering after having a rod placed in her leg, but unfortunately the clown that shot her is still at large.

Take a look at the video below

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