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One of the many staples that are found in neighborhoods happen to be those dollar stores.

They seem to provide everything needed for those who like to shop at those businesses or at least to run in to purchase an item real quick.

Yet, what has been lacking for a long time at those chains is fresh groceries, especially when not everyone has access to shop at grocery stores and supermarkets since neither are available in a lot of those areas to serve those who need to buy a lot of food for their needs.

Now, there appears to be a change to bring in more business as several chains have finally expanded their food offerings.

From Complex:

CNN reports that Family Dollar is now offering apples, oranges, onions, and potatoes as well as frozen poultry, pork, and beef at close to 100 of its more than 7,000 stores.

Meanwhile, Dollar General has started selling fresh groceries at more than 1,300 of its 17,000 locations, with the chain telling CNN it expects to add produce departments to an additional 1,000 stores later this year.

Why are these popular chains now starting to feature some better and even healthier options at their stores?

It is an answer to criticisms over the years of their “failure to offer customers healthy food options that can be found at similar supermarkets.”

Many of these dollar store chains are located in cities in areas that are likely considered ‘food deserts,’ where the only places available to purchase groceries, if available, are through those stores and small convenience businesses.  There is also fast-food as well in those areas.

For right now, only a “small percentage of Dollar General and Family Dollar stores are selling fresh groceries” with those items being that of a limited selection.  It is also not known which locations in Northeast Ohio are offering produce and meat.

Dollar General responds by saying “customers can find the components of a healthy meal” at different aisles.


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