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Many of the survivors of the 2020 pandemic have been or are getting vaccinated, COVID-19 numbers are going down, some mask mandates are easing up, more things are opening up, award shows are going back to live in person, finally in 2021 we are seeing hope as well as an end insight.  However we are still in a pandemic and there are still things we need to be doing to stay healthy as a matter of fact some of these cleaning practices need to stay in place even after COVID-19 is no longer a threat to our lives.  Singer Mariah Carey feels the same so she took to TikTok to offer a challenge as well as reminder that we still need to “Wipe It Down”.

♫ ‘Cause the lovin’ ain’t the same and you keep on playing games, Like you know I’m here to stay, (I gotta shake, shake you off), Just like the Calgon commercial, I, Really gotta get up outta here, And go somewhere ♫

Mariah Carey in a TikTok video instead of telling her fans to ‘Shake It Off’ she went new school telling folks to ‘Wipe It Down’ celebrating the anniversary of being obsessed with wiping things down during the lockdown, Mariah starts the video off in a regular house cleaning day bathrobe with a green facial mask on when she takes a wipe at the mirror and transforms into classic live onstage Mariah Carey before taking another wipe and transforming in a what appears to be a rapper with a beard and mustache.  The video gives throwback a whole other name.

The challenge is too funny!!

Take a look at the video below.

Sam Sylk Show with Bijou Star

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