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Saturday Night Live - Season 47

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When people think of Kim Kardashian, if we are being honest, they think of how she became famous from a leaked sex tape, they think about how she is married/divorced to/from rapper Kanye West, they think about how her mom is the Queen of turning ugly press into millions upon millions of dollars, her Instagram, lastly they think about her works with systemic racism and getting people long over due freedom.  All those things plus other things like ‘Keeping Up with The Kardashians, her sisters, her stepfather Kaitlyn Jenner and most lastly her father the late Robert Kardashian who became a household name for representing his friend OJ Simpson.  None of these things make for a person being an accomplished thespian or an artist in any famous realm.  However SNL thought that Kim Kardashian’s celebrity resume made for a guest spot on SNL and guess what?  All those things about Kim Kardashian made for a hilarious monologue and Kim Kardashian West slayed it.

I bet you never thought when the word slay and Kim Kardashian was used in the same sentence it wouldn’t be about fashion or looks!?

Their is nothing funnier than someone taking shots at themselves and last night on SNL that’s exactly what Kim Kardashian did in her monologue on SNL and she killed it leaving no holds barred on everything we ever thought or made fun of about her family behind closed doors.

Take a look at Kim Kardashian West’s SNL Monologue and appearance in the videos below.

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