Silk Sonic (Bruno Mars & Anderson .Paak)

Source: WENN / Radio One

I bet when Anderson .Paak and Bruno Mars left the door open everyone thought it would be a one time hitter and quitter but Silk Sonic beat down the COVID doors of the Grammys for their air time and ‘Skated’ away with not only our great music loving heart’s but they stroked our emotions with the announcement of an album “An Evening with Silk Sonic” and what a musical evening it shall be.

The super group ‘Silk Sonic’ created by Anderson .Paak and Bruno Mars wasn’t eligible for a Grammy nomination because their timing was a little off, but look out 2022 because with already two charting singles between the smash hit ‘Leave The Door Open’ and ‘Skate’ they are upping the ante with a 3rd plus more.

Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak have officially announced the project’s latest single, ‘Smokin’ Out The Window’ (dropping this Friday November 5th) along with the highly anticipated album “An Evening with Silk Sonic” that wasn’t originally going to drop until 2022, but know you will have something to rock out to when you are doing your Black Friday shopping as it will be released Novemeber 12th.

Take a look at the official ‘Smokin’ Out The Window’ by Silk Sonic teased by Anderson .Paak and Bruno Mars videos below.

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